Photo ©  Fahny Baudin

Photo © Fahny Baudin

Born in 1986, MURZO lives and works between Valais and Vevey. After a few years of travel and professional experience, she completed courses in 2D animation and in visual communication abroad. In 2014 she became a freelance artist in Switzerland and began showing her graphite and charcoal drawings in atypical places. Her work questions human beings, what they reveal with their image and who they are in spite of it.


"My work exists in a culture, in which we are bombarded with images everyday. It always has figurative and obvious content, not unlike a black-and-white photograph. Will you stare for a moment longer, perhaps just enough so you can confirm that it is not one? What unites my body of work is the emphasis on immortalisation and the timely questioning of the subject, who is essentially chaotic and constantly evolving."